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  1. Hendung Tunggal Jati says:

    …very..very nice..your collection…

  2. Vladimir Shestakov was born in 1947 in Michurinsk, the town in Central Russia. He now splits his time between the South of France and Saint-Petersburg. He studied art at the Fine Arts School in Russia. He has had 18 solo exhibitions of paintings, graphics and posters in France, the USA, Germany, Belgium and Monaco and about 60 group participations in France, the USA, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Monaco and Russia, among them the important personal exhibitions at Belvédère of the Toit de la Grande Arche in Paris with pictorial series “MOVEMENT” and “AROUND THE MUSIC”, at Serge Rachmaninoff Russian Conservatoire of Paris with “RETRACING RACHMANINOV’S STEPS” and at the Maison de l’Amérique Latine with “JAZZ FANTASY” and “THEATRE OF MASKS”.
    His works belong to private and public collections. He has various awards. He is a member of Maison des Artistes in France and of the Artists Association of Saint-Petersburg in Russia.

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