Broadway Gallery Stories

Here are a few facts about Broadway Gallery, NYC:

1. Abraham Lubelski established Broadway Gallery, NYC in Soho in 1995. He is also
the Publisher of NY Arts Magazine and a professional artist himself, having exhibited at
the Venice Biennale in 2001.

2. We have a professional staff of employees who are dedicated to the promotion of
the artists Nationally and Internationally. Our services include several websites that offer
promotion and publicity for our clients, quarterly print catalogues featuring full color
images and articles, career counseling for artists, pricing, framing and shipping advice
as well as numerous other services, including professional exhibitions with opening
receptions that are attended by hundreds of people who frequent our gallery space.

3. Our services are clearly presented to our clients who eagerly participate in our
promotional opportunities. Before an artist agrees to receive our services we provide
them with a document detailing what they will receive; and we never make promises that
we do not keep.

4. We have helped launch the careers of thousands of artists and are proud of the people
we represent. We receive dozens of letters of appreciation on a monthly basis and we
trust that these real life experiences, of people who have received and appreciated our
services, will be more influential than the algorithm results provided by Google.

We could continue but we hope the point is clear. Anyone who has any doubts, or is
simply curious, is welcome to visit our site, read about the gallery come visit us and
hopefully join us at one of our receptions.

Visit our thank you page for more testimonials 

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