Broadway Gallery at Verge Art Fair, Miami

Verge Miami

NY Arts Mag­a­zine, Art Fairs Inter­na­tional and Broad­way Gallery will be pre­sent­ing this year dur­ing NY/Miami/Basel fair week in Decem­ber. As their most exciting project to date, NY Arts Magazine in conjunction with Broadway Gallery will be publishing a limited edition catalog featuring 5,000 artists, galleries, and fairs. This catalog will showcase the hottest work taking place around the world today. In addition, Broadway Gallery will be occupying a booth at Verge Art Fair 2012, presenting an exciting opportunity to see what is fresh in contemporary art.

Participating Artists:
Aihara Misa, Ingrid Solesvik, Kristina Garon, Marcel Bastiaans, Jean Marc Schwaller
Pedro Rosario Yaba, Dinah Cross James, Wendy Cohen, Ingrid Rosas, Sam Heydt,
Carlos Gigena Seeber, Olivia Boudouma, Spyros Kolyvas, Susanne Dieroff Hay, Alessandro Di Cola, Eric Samson, Danielle Lange, Uwe Ardent, Stanka Tsonkova, Kristians Brekte

Verge Art Fair
1001 Collins Ave. & 1020 Ocean Drive @ 10th St.
December 6-9, 2012

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