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Chloe Zureiqat

Chloe Zureiqat

Catheine Chloe Zureiqat was born in London England, grew up in Amman Jordan and now lives New York City.

The title of my work is “Falling” which is defined as a physical downward movement caused by gravity. The high contrast of monochromatic dark tones over the color white evokes a physical response within the painting generating the sensation of particles of paint swiftly falling. As though the weight in the dark is pulling over the weightless white.

My work is made up of layers of acrylic paint mixed with gel mediums ranging in various degrees of sheen. This layering technique allows texture and tonalities to be built creating a flexible surface to manipulate abstractions within.

medium : Acrylic on canvas
Size : 72″x72″

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One Response to Falling

  1. Euis says:

    Wooww….. Your painting looks so amazing.
    I never thought that you`ll become a painter
    Although I don`t understand what the message of your paintings.

    But I like it.

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