February’s “Global Art Projects: Artists at Home and Abroad” Exhibition series

Global Arts Projects Presents
The Inter­na­tional Artists at Home and Abroad Exhi­bi­tion Series
Broad­way Gallery NYC
Feb­ru­ary 4th-25th, 2011
Recep­tion: Thurs­day, Feb­ru­ary 10th, 2011, 6:00–8:00pm

The Artists at Home and Abroad exhi­bi­tion series is a rep­re­sen­ta­tion of both emerg­ing and estab­lished artists on an inter­na­tional scale. This exhibit fea­tures excit­ing, new inves­ti­ga­tions in con­tem­po­rary image mak­ing. The work explores every­thing from the inter­sec­tion of abstrac­tion and fig­u­ra­tion to the sig­nif­i­cance of high and low art. The unique per­spec­tives of the artists on view cre­ate a lively, cross-cultural interchange.

Liv­ing in the midst of rapid glob­al­iza­tion cre­ates inter­stices between dif­fer­ent cul­tures. This series high­lights the sig­nif­i­cance of exhibit­ing a vari­ety of works in a plu­ral­is­tic art world. Inspired by salon-style hang­ing, most com­monly attrib­uted to the Salon de Paris held dur­ing the 18th and 19th cen­turies; Broad­way Gallery NYC con­tin­ues this legacy with a con­tem­po­rary and fresh out­look. Col­lec­tively, this show invites patrons to ini­ti­ate a dia­logue between artists and the art world. Fol­low­ing a trend of pre­vi­ous exhi­bi­tions at Broad­way Gallery NYC, this show pays trib­ute to the for­mat of a salon hang­ing. It is a tra­di­tion that awak­ens con­tem­po­rary cul­ture to a dynamic col­lec­tive consciousness.

In addi­tion to the exhi­bi­tion on dis­play at Broad­way Gallery NYC, are sev­eral con­cur­rent Inter­net projects, and a print cat­a­log. Fur­ther­more, this exhibit offers writ­ers and view­ers an excit­ing oppor­tu­nity to sub­mit essays and com­ments on the nature and sig­nif­i­cance of bien­ni­als, fairs and pub­lic expo­sure for new and emerg­ing artists.

Uti­liz­ing the max­i­mum floor-to-ceiling gallery space acti­vates the wall with art­works in var­i­ous media by artists, each of whom offer a unique per­spec­tive to the show. These artists have trans­formed the gallery walls into a com­pendium of gen­er­a­tional takes on fig­u­ra­tion, por­trai­ture, and abstrac­tion. The result is an intense, artis­tic zeitgeist.

The speed of inter­ac­tions via new media allows for global artis­tic con­ver­sa­tions pre­vi­ously unheard before. In an attempt to inte­grate the numer­ous artis­tic lan­guages, this exhibit was installed in a unique for­mat. Two long par­al­lel walls have been care­fully installed to cre­ate dia­logue in the spa­tial order. Artists at Home and Abroad allows the viewer access to some of the past and cur­rent piv­otal artis­tic ideas while intro­duc­ing newer tal­ent, to gen­er­ate fresh cre­ative energy through unex­pected juxtapositions.

Fea­tur­ing: Aliza Augus­tine, Doris Caçoilo, Edwin Caquias, YaYa Chou, Ben­jamin Clarke, Sam Ebo­hon, Mayuko Fujino, Otto Geberzahn, Helka Immo­nen, Sean Lugo, Miranda Lark Maher, Sarah Nind, Liisa Sisko Pajula-Maekine, Gina Plun­der, Minja Revonko­rpi, Hen­ri­ette Simon, Kristina Sretkova, Diego Vil­laseñor

Global Arts Projects Artists at Home and Abroad is a group exhi­bi­tion that spot lights a selec­tion of artist from around the globe who each cre­ates new global per­spec­tives with their art.

Click to see pho­tos and watch video footage from the open­ing reception.

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