Virtual Art- visual voice from Second Life

The Broadway Gallery NYC is please to present

Virtual Art- visual voice from Second Life

Virtual Art is sponsored by World Art Media, and will be on display from February 15 - 28, 2009

The Virtual Art exhibition explores virtual world art as a form of assessment of globalization, examines cyberspace as Modernist techno-libertarian utopia or political utopia, as well as revealing “reality” of the dream world. Featured artworks include virtual world performance and video installations “Land of Illusion” by Lily & Honglei, “Imaging Wall Street” by John Craig Freeman and Will Pappenheimer.”Land of Illusion” is a visual meditation deeply concerning history, philosophy, Chinese diaspora and current development of China, meanwhile exploring the meaning of virtual online communities in terms of global dialogues regarding cultural root and fantasy of China. “It reflects on globalization’s impact on environment and individual, which often results cultural or personal identity becomes multi-layered, misplaced, or spiritually homeless, while struggling to preserve traditional values.” the two Beijing artists state.
“Imaging Wall Street” is a place-based virtual reality project that combines mapping, panoramic video, and three-dimensional virtual worlds to document situations where the forces of globalization are impacting the lives of individuals in local communities. The goal of the project is to develop the technologies, the methodology and the content for truly immersive and navigable documentary media, based in real places around the world. In “Imaging Wall Street,” John Craig Freeman and Will Pappenheimer make their way across Lower Manhattan from the Stock Exchange to the various investment banks and financial service companies which were recently bailed out by the U.S. government collecting peoples stories of loss and home as they go.

The exhibition also serves as part of a net-art platform initiative by NY Arts Magazine, NY Arts New Media & Net-Art, which is designed for promoting new media art, net-art and art in virtual world, particularly in Second Life, and bridging cyberspace and physical spaces for creativity.
Exhibition Participants:

Lily & Honglei, “Land of Illusion” Team (Scott Grant, Kayle Lee, Bill Li, Ry Denial Shanks, Lily X. Yang) John Craig Freeman Will Pappenheimer

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