Broadthinking’s “Unnatural Acts and Other Illicit Thoughts About Nature”

The Broadway Gallery NYC is pleased to Present:

Broadthinking’s “UNNATURAL ACTS and Other Illicit Thoughts About Nature”

The exhibition will be on display from January 2 -15, 2009 (online opening midnight January 2 at, with an opening reception: Tuesday January 6, from 6-8pm

In the exhibition, features Chris Twomey, Elizabeth Riley, Liz-N-Val, Kim Holleman, Alyssa Fanning, Peggy Cyphers, Joel Simpson, Miwa Koizumi, Kathleen Vance, Gulsen Calik, pale Infinity & Flash Light. Each artist utilizes the gallery space as a platform to consider the unnatural. As we move farther and farther away from a simple relationship with nature, a relationship naturally evolved out of a need for survival, our abilities to control and manipulate our environment and ourselves have taken us places beyond our imagination.

What IS unnatural in this era of artificially modified humans/plants/materials; medicines for mood or muscle enhancement, hormone manipulation of gender and fertility?

What about sex?

The quest for eternal life, a cure for diseases or poverty, a desire for pleasure and profit, a need for a spot in the hierarchy of wealth and well-being, or shear perversity, all motivate this drive to use and/or abuse nature.

The following artists invited to create work for this exhibition expose, distort, and subvert some of the premises of the natural to create commentary on - the unnatural

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