publication-schmublication: publication dissemination & influence a group show

The Broadway Gallery NYC is pleased to announce

” Publication-Schmublication”
Production of an image and Publication and Dissemination
Curated by Tomashi Jackson

From December 1-15, 2008 with an opening reception held on October 4th 6-8pm.

Publication-Schmublication presents work by Felipe de Jesus Baeza, Annabel Roberts-McMichael, Tomashi Jackson, Matthew Noren, Samuel Holleran, Josephine Heilpern, Caitlin Gianinny, Devin KKenny & Eric Mack and Angela Velasquez.

What is the nature of the interaction between a publication and a viewer? Contemplative, meditative, active? What determines one’s response to published image or text, and what ends are justified by the act of sharing? To make or select an image, textual or visual, for dissemination implies that the image has some redeeming value when shared among a greater number of people.

The power of the image is multiplied by the printing press, or the image has no impact without it. The particular treatment of the subject of the image is supposed to be assimilated into the general consciousness as a ‘way of seeing’ or knowing. Graphic images, in this way, can transmit a notion of The Other, and serve to hold ‘ourselves’ together. Some purposes to which the printmaking mediums have been subjected include: a book relayed in a single version of dialect, a version of a creation myth, a depiction of the activities of natives, a depiction of a national ancestor, an artist’s rendering of a natural landscape. The images are presented by their makers as factual information. Artists, in pursuit of a second look at the invaluable past, present and future, have taken on the responsibility for inversion of the mediums of dissemination. This includes the creation of a wider multiplicity of ways of seeing, and the interruption of what is assumed known. Paired with still new electronic media of dissemination, the work of these artists, mainly created using technologies considered archaic in commerce, represents a model for the processes of searching and researching for truth.