Michelle Jaffé “Wappen Field: Work in Progress”

The Broadway Gallery NYC is pleased to announce
“Wappen Field: Work in Progress”
Michelle Jaffé
From October 16-31with an opening reception held on October 17th 6-8pm.Wappen Field: Work in Progress in an innovative installation conceived by sculptor Michelle Jaffé, that brings together her own unique brand of provocative and contemplative installation along with composer David Hykes and audio engineer Bob Bielecki.

Wappen Field is a sculpture and sound installation comprised of six chrome plated steel helmets, resembling face guards. Each helmet’s discreet speaker animates the room with harmonic overtones and extended voice techniques created by David Hykes.
Wappen Field is a participatory experience where visitors are invited to perceive sound spatially, and to encounter the sculptural environment as a cohesive fabric where each element, woven together, amplifies the other. The helmets evoke armor, which protects and hides us in an attempt to create a border between self and the other. Information and objects are obstructed. Physical and psychic space is guarded, unless the edge is pierced, allowing foreign bodies and ideas to flood in. The boundary of armor asks the question: what is shut in, what is shut out?
Jaffé’s work has always engaged other aspects of the human impulse to arm, clothe and conceal, all of which has lead to her current exploration of tribalism and war. Not only is this work timely, refracting light through the prism of our current political environment, it is a statement about aggression and concord that has timeless and universal relevance. By mixing sound with sculpture Wappen Field utilizes the artist’s experience, creating a brand new visceral and acoustic encounter for the viewer.

DAVID HYKES: Composer and Vocalist
David Hykes is the composer and vocalist for the sound and music for Wappen Field. He is the founder of Harmonic Chant, a world-renowned type of contemporary sacred music.
It is an evolutionary fusion of western sacred chant and new throat-singing possibilities, informed by studies (1973-2008) of Tibetan, Tuvan, Mongolian and East Indian music.
He has 11 albums of recorded music to his credit, including Hearing Solar Winds, sung with The Harmonic Choir, which is the world’s best-known vocal overtone CD, achieving record sales of 300,000 copies.

BOB BIELECKI: Audio Designer
Bard College, Assistant Professor, 1997-present. Sound Designer, Audio Engineer, Software Developer: He has worked with artists such as Laurie Anderson, Bill Viola, Tony Oursler, and Roxy Paine. And institutions such as MoMA, DIA, and The Whitney Museum.

For further information please got to www.MichelleJaffeArts.com

Wappen Field is a sponsored project of New York Foundation for the Arts and New York State Council on the Arts, a state Agency, Individual Artists Program.
Wappen Field is a Malka Lubelski Cultural Foundation project.