Steven Foy

The Broadway Gallery NYC is pleased to announce Steven Foy’s
“The Arrangement Series”
A Solo Exhibition Curated by Basak Malone.The exhibition will take place from October 16 to 31, 2008, with an opening reception on Friday, October 17, 6-8 p.m.“The Arrangement Series” features work by Steven Foy exploring themes of space, imagination, and the poetics of materiality. Inspired by Gaston Bachelard’s writings on the fundamentals of poetic space, the exhibition focuses on material inscriptions of excess, fissures, and ruptures, as well as other diverse modes of presentation that disrupt the traditional notion of representation.Foy tends to favor nuance, discreet places, dissonance, and symbolic displacement. Above all, his works eschew nostalgia and spiritual platitudes in order to reference the ineffable within the materiality of existence.“My work generally, and in particular, the ‘Arrangement’ series can be described in the crudest sense as formal abstraction,” Foy said. “I like to think that there is always a bit more to it than that. Think of them as a synthesis between man-made order and things in nature—man’s desire to regulate and organize a collection of non-specific shapes, primordial scratching in sticky colored substances.”Not only are Foy’s works concerned with man-made order, organic growth and the tension in the construction of a painting. His works also reflect an industrial process and the development of something in nature from seed.“Somehow an imperfect shape is closer to nature and therefore, more truthful than a strictly delineated form,” the artist said. “For instance, a barrel of apples from the same tree will yield a variety of rounded shapes. All of which will be different. The results are a contemplation of the consequences. This is the point where more is possible.”It is true that in Foy’s multicolor shapes and irregular grids we see endless possibilities, where through the artist’s unique prism everything is transformed into a luminous perspective on the world.