Carmen Einfinger

The Broadway Gallery NYC is proud to announce My Postcards: A Visual Typewriter.
A Solo Show of Work by Carmen Einfinger

The exhibition will take place from October 1 to15, with an opening reception on October 2, 6 to 8 p.m.
Born in England, raised in Brazil, and moving later to Europe, Canada and finally the United States, Carmen Einfinger has spent the past 10 years in New York City. Working with a range of media, from traditional 2D forms, such as drawing and painting, to photography, performance, and sculpture, Einfinger is informed by an interest in the place of the individual in society.

In this exhibition of work Einfinger presents an installation of 600 postcards, alongside two sculptural paintings that respond to issues surrounding the monotony of day-to-day domesticity and life. The exhibition My Postcards: A Visual Typewriter both reveals the ritual of a commonplace event, and highlights an emotional realization of the passing of time through the generations.

Broadly colored yet intricately detailed, each postcard renders a realistic depiction of urban life that conveys an atmosphere of confinement and isolation. Presented in a sequence of portraits, domestic scenes, landscapes and still lives, 600 Postcards forms a narrative that tells a story about the ritual and monotony of everyday existence. Einfinger’s work captures moments of tranquility, which contrast with uneasy oneiric elements. She uses unusual color combinations, and depicts scenes from unexpected angles, all contributing to give her work a magic realist feel. In Collective Unconscious, a large-scale work in acrylic on un-stretched canvas, Einfinger explores the mundane on a subliminal level. Her signature—a neon palette balanced with decorative motifs—is a tool the artist utilizes in order to beautify the tedious and ordinary. Objects from everyday existence are present in the installation of the exhibition, from windowpanes and drapes, to items of clothing and domesticity. Each item is removed from its mundane context, not only by appearing in the gallery context, but also by being used as canvas for Einfinger to paint on directly in vibrant acrylic.

Einfinger’s work has manifested a singular personal vision, drawing on a diverse cross-section of cultures and styles to realize her wide range of visual and conceptual ideas. Einfinger is an intuitive artist who has developed a new and unique contribution to the art and culture of her times. Her extensive travels in Europe and Asia have been a major influence, releasing her from the usual conventions of art making. Her method is contemplative, meditative, and sanguine. She maintains a fantastical, exotic vision, even when dealing with the commonplace. The paradoxes in her work lie within the blurring of boundaries between interior and exterior, self and others, the physical and psychical, sustaining an extraordinary view into the ordinary.