The Broadway Gallery NYC participates in The European Outsider Art Fair

The Broadway Gallery NYC and the European Outsider Art Fair

The Broadway Gallery NYC is proud to announce their participation in the European Outsider Art Fair (EOAF), where they will showcase several international artists in the heart of Vienna at the Austrian National Library.

Featured artist Reuven Shezen, perfectly demonstrates the Gallery’s inclusive, creative perspective. In his work, Israeli artist Reuven Shezen deals with subjects, events and moods of day-to-day trivialities. Informed by an interest in the place of the individual within society, Shezen is an unusual observer—free from the restrictions and stereotypes of social training and education. An audacious painter, Shezen creates a series of complex geometric compositions combining the unconscious influences of cubism and futurism; typically using a limited number of striking colors, turning humans into simple, angular shapes, and sometimes overlaying the whole painting a strong grid-work coloring scheme. Immediately recognizable by its daring yet subtle use of color and brushmark, Shezen’s work evolves from the depths of his soul, out of the essential needs to express him self.

Similarly, British painter Carl Hoare’s unusual work exhibits a personality and art that is diagrammatic, invented, historical, and nonsensical all at once. His work depicts all the energy and spectacle of portraiture while presenting a dark sarcastic world that is personal as well as impersonal. Canadian artist Michel Blouin’s art is also not influenced by the current trends of contemporary art. He transposes his own sensibility into colors and forms, in order to achieve a raw aesthetic that evokes the kind of honesty that is found deep within the human spirit.

The unconventional optical techniques and social analyses of both Argentinean native Graciela Cassel and Canadian artist Pierre Juteau echo both Blouin’s organic use of paint and psychological intensity. Cassel’s paintings investigate the intersections of space, place, time, memory, culture, and history. Similarly Russian artist Ekatherina S’ focus on the human figure, also generates themes of spirituality, sexuality, and social identity with personal experience in an attempt to create a unique perspective on important and controversial issues.

Within an astonishing sculptural palette Canadian Pierre Juteau has the ability to transform reality into an accomplish painting. His vivid colors represent his rich, generous, and impetuous inner-self. Italian artist Matthew Lauretti’s painting combines elements of gestural abstraction, drawing, and writing in a very personal expression. At once epic and intimate, his work is infused with references to literature and aspects of the Mediterranean and Near-Eastern worlds from an outsider’s point of view. His work is cryptic, devoted to nuance and primitive models of humanity. Some of the figures metamorphose into cubist forms through the vivid juxtaposition of color that highlights the subject’s personality and individuality.

Helen Joynson’s idiosyncratic works investigate the lyrical or atmospheric effects of vast expanses of color, filling the canvas, and by suggestion, beyond it to infinity. The works are an orchestrated visual experience, expressing thoughtful notions and moods that shimmer and radiate.

Reuven Shezen, Carl Hoare, Michel Blouin, Graciela Cassel, Pierre Juteau, Ekatherina S, Helen Joynson and Matthew Lauretti exemplify the Broadway Gallery NYC’s interest and focus on the redefinition of portraiture and narrative from an intuitive and unique perspective. The artists shown by the gallery represent an art that demonstrates society’s capacity to integrate human experience with individual creativity.

The gallery’s participation in the EOAF will present the full scope of its artists’ achievements in a variety of mediums and scales. This collaboration between several artists and one gallery aims to achieve a startling new sense of psychological tension between figuration and formal abstraction in an Art Brut context. Thought-provoking and fascinating, the gallery’s selection of artists demonstrates not only an investigation into the fundamental energy and dynamism of the creative act, but also the heightened emotional states encountered upon viewing Raw Art.
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