SuperGlue — collective show

Broadway Gallery is pleased to present New curated by the art collective SuperGlue. The exhibition is a collaborative effort between SuperGlue and individually selected emerging artists. SuperGlue is a not-for-profit group of young painters, writers, photographers, and graphic designers from the New York metropolitan area who believe in the use of art as a vehicle for social activism. Their regard for art as a powerful medium for connecting, supporting, and inspiring communities has shaped the aspirations of this youthful collective. To this end, this exhibition will feature the work of some exciting up-and-coming artists working in a variety of media. It will include the photography of Yasmine Soiffer, Carla Weber, and Anna Wiezerbicka and Erin Robinson, the painting of Brandon Melchior, Dave Bratton, and Tomashi Jackson, the collographic prints of Kristina Brown, and the spray paint stencils of Jillian Corbett.

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    What an excellent blog, I’ve added your feed to my RSS reader. :-)

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