Bedri Baykam

Bedri Baykam’s Latest Series
To be Shown in New York
Curated by Robert C. Morgan

Dates of the show : October 16-31, 2007
Opening Reception: Friday, October 19, 2007 / 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Baykam’s recent works carries the synthesis of a long journey. As the pioneer of the Turkish Neo-Expressionist movement (Yeni Dışavurumculuk) that emerged in the early 80’s, Baykam’s recent works bring the “sour-sweet” breeze of a new zone made up of combination of various periods in his work. These include “The Transparent Layers”,
“Inner Traces”, “Girly Plots”, “Critical Signs”. Freedom, hidden truths, arrogant materials, simple iconographies that allow subconscious references, bring a “harmony within, uncongeniality” and a new reality. The artist reaches this synthesis with this new series titled “Lolitart(e)” while he draws the attention with his model photographies, rich collage materials and very personal painterly dense layers.

Thus, Baykam’s mysterious girls and some very private personal-familial belongings are being exposed to the discriminatory approval of curious onlookers.

The show in Broadway Gallery is curated by New York critic Robert C. Morgan and organized in conjunction with the Piramid Art Center in Istanbul.

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